The Bradley Group has interests in the marine sector. As well as having our own boats that are involved in day-to-day fishing, we are also working with various government agencies for sustainable commercial fishing.


Sustainability at our Core

We operate our own white fish and shellfish vessels. Depending on the time of year and weather conditions our vessels fish around the North West coast of Ireland, including Lough Swilly, landing our catches in the harbours of Buncrana and Greencastle.

As a company we are committed to sustainable commercial fishing. We fully adhere to all conservation regulations and are a firm supporter of ‘Origin Green’, a programme led by Bord Bia aimed at achieving measurable sustainability targets that respect the environment.

Oyster Regeneration

Sustainable Development of Native Irish Oysters

As a partner in the Lough Swilly Oyster Regeneration Project, working with BIM (Ireland’s Seafood Development Agency), Marine Institute and Inland Fisheries Ireland, we are helping to return and create native oyster beds in Lough Swilly.

The native oyster flourished in Lough Swilly for hundreds of years, but in recent times, numbers have dropped to critical levels. This project aims to address this problem as well as enriching the ecosystem of an already important part of Lough Swilly.

We are involved in carefully placing native oysters on beds of waste shell that have been laid to mimic their natural habitat. After this we collect data on their progress and relay this information back to the various agencies.